*Free gift*

Your free gift…

Beautiful online greeting card…

Greeting card fern2

(Click to enlarge)

With best wishes,

from WilderSoul


Feel free to share this New Zealand flavoured online greeting card with your friends and family.

Featuring our native Tui bird, and fern.

TheΒ Maori greeting “Kia ora” means “be healthy” or “be well.”

Check out the beautiful sound of the Tui, and pick up a free colouring picture here.


First visit to the Wildersoul Colouring Book? Plenty more colouring pics to browse through. I post a new picture almost daily. More photography at Wildersoul Rainbows. Feel free to share. Purchase 365+ colouring pics in one easy download right here. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Buy the Wildersoul Colouring Book in paperback at Amazon.


Happy colouring!

Blog on!


Greeting card fern2 150x188px

34 thoughts on “*Free gift*

  1. Hi Ana,

    I’ve just gotten back after a long break and just saw this today. We’re all warm enough, it’s unusually still cold here in my part of the world and we’re okay materially. Could be better but can’t complain. Sending you back lots of warm hugs for you and your family also. Have a great weekend! Love, Mary


  2. That’s a wonderful thing to have you dad with you for the holidays, to have the family close in troubled times. Shocking, and grievous about the tragedy and the loss of life. Are you all warm enough? Do you have plenty of food? Big big hugs wrapping around you and your family. With love, Anasera.


  3. Hi Ana! We’re safe. My dad (and the rest of the town) were evacuated to safer ground and they are all safe. It wasn’t as badly hit as the worst hit areas. He’s spending the holidays with us. I do have friends with relatives who survived and who were also lost so it’s not all okay 😦 But we’re all helping where we can. Hugs hugs and more hugs from across the web! Warmly – Mary


  4. I was just thinking about you, and looking for your blog!
    Slow to catch up with world news, and just read that the Phillipines had the worst typhoon ever! Are you and your family all okay? Big hugs,


  5. Kia ora! Love this!! You are fabulous! I hope you feel better now, friend. Thanks for sharing some New Zealand culture with me. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a magical week.


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