Days of the Week: Black Saturday


Once again, some work inspired by Mama Bear Musings.  This time Black Saturday is the Color of the Day.

saturday 2 outline

This is pretty well exactly how I drew it, except with the black page border added to hold it all together.  I used black permanent marker for the thickest lines, and then Staedtler pigment liner pens, 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1.  Bit of a nuisance scanning, as I have to swap computers to do it, and then have the file emailed to me.  My kind and patient daughter took care of it for me.  The email stopped working so we ended up fiddling about with those tricky little flash drives.  It makes things much easier and better than photographing the artwork.

saturday 2 cutout glow

Yes I have been playing around with the vector graphics program again.  This one is not so good for saving printer ink.  It does give a nice glow around Saturday, to make it stand out from the background.  Does it give a good “Black” Saturday impression?

saturday 2 double outline

An intricate outline which reminds me of doodle-art.  Did anyone used to colour doodle-art with felt tip pens as a kid?  Are you a kid into doodle-art now?

saturday 2 inset

Just for fun – I liked how this one looked like embroidery on White Satin!

saturday 2 moonarize

This one has been “Moonarized” and I thought it could be a good for saving printer ink!  Or for ignoring the lines 🙂

saturday 2 roughenr


Well, I admit it, I roughened this one up.  Literally, I used the “Roughen” filter on it!  For those who like things a bit rough around the edges.  Would that be you?

saturday 2 roughen dbl outln


Same rough picture turned into double outlines.

saturday 3 dbl outline


This is the final version, with the detail added around the letters.

saturday 3 moonarize

Moonarized – real pale huh?

saturday 3 outline

This one is pretty well as originally drawn, besides the added page border.

saturday 3 parallel hollow

Just a little something different.  It’s called ‘Parallel Hollow.’  Not quite sure why!

saturday 3 roughen dbl outln

I quite like this final version ‘Roughened,’ and given a double outline.

saturday moonarized

You guessed it!  Moooon-a-rized!  Save on printing costs.saturday outline

I did something funny to this one, as I notice it doesn’t line up with the other pictures.  This might be my favourite as it has a sleek look to it, almost like seaweed waving gently under the sea.

saturday parallel hollow


There’s that “Parallel Hollow” again.

saturday rough outline

Bit rough!

So there you go, there’s plenty to choose from.  Wanna let on which is your favourite Saturday?


5 thoughts on “Days of the Week: Black Saturday

  1. Oh good – it’s an interesting effect, the way it makes the thick black lines ‘glow.’ It works well with this picture, and yet not on some others. I’m learning as I go. Glad you like it. 🙂


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