Days of the Week: Green Friday

Inspired by the Colourful Weekday theme at, this is for Green Friday, and there are some variations below.  I had fun playing with the Filters in my free vector graphics program.  What do you think of the stained glass effect?

friday intricate


friday morph

Morphed into double outlines…  I like this effect, and yet am not sure if it is the best for colouring!  What do you think?

friday stained glass

Makes me wish I could pour some luminous liquid glass into the spaces…  I wonder if those 3-D printers could turn it into a 3-D reality?  It reminds me a bit of Fimo, baked and pulled out of the oven, ready to hang on the wall.

Thank you to Mama Bear for the inspiration.  There will be more to come, so keep an eye out for Monday Mellow Yellows, Ruby Red Tuesday, White Wednesday, Purple Thursday, Green Friday (oh yes that’s this one), Black Saturday, and Brown Sunday.  I’ll add them all to the “Color of the Day” menu at the top of the blog, as I go along.

8 thoughts on “Days of the Week: Green Friday

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